Ajax Tabs: The Amazing Samples

There are so many free examples of Ajax tabs out there. It kinda difficult to find them in one place, so I decided to make a quick recap of several Ajax tab examples. All of these Ajax tab scripts are free to use and implement on any site.

I hope that this information can help you decide which Ajax / DHTML tab script to use on your web applications.

Ajax Tabs Example and Demo

Ajax Tabs Content
This is one of the first Ajax tabs I’ve tried. I simply works by displaying contents from other web page (on the same domain) on each of its tabs. It supports a very useful features for active tab persistence even after the page is being refreshed.

Ajax Tab Content

Dynamic Ajax Tabs in 20 Lines
Its has the similar context as Ajax Tabs Content, it loads the content from an external page. But makes it interesting is that is only contains several lines of HTML and Javascript codes.

20 Lines Ajax Tabs

Closeable Tabs
A really interesting tabs in my opinion, not only you can show content within tabs, you can also close a tab and make it disappear if you don’t want to see the corresponding tab. This tab requires YUI library to works.

Closeable Tabs

dhtmlxTabbar may be of of the feature rich Ajax tab available. You can aligned the tab on various positions, change the tab styles, full controll with JavaScript – wide API, support scrollable tab display, choose wether to load the content using Ajax or in an IFRAME and more. dhtmlxTabber is released in several type of license including GPL, Commercial, and Enterprise license. With the GPL version you can use the Standard Edition of dhtmlxTabbar for free.


Ajax Tabs
A free Ajax tabs sample from AjaxDaddy, it is really easy to implement this one without hasles.

Ajax Tabs

Ajax Tabs Based on HavocStudio Article
A unique Ajax tab script which will create a new tab after you click a link on the previous tab.

Ajax Tabs based on HavocStudio

That’s all folks, if you found any other Ajax tab sample that I might missed on this post, please due tell me on using the comment form.


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