Shutterfly Studio 1.7 – Your Picture Organizer Tool

Shutterfly Studio

Shutterfly Studio 1.7 have many features to help you organize your picture and image collection. It’s image manipulation and editing technique is quite unique and easy to use. Shutterfly Studio 1.7 provides 20 easy-to-use editing tools to make your pictures look at their very best.

Shutterfly also has slideshow capabilities (well, most of image management tools have them). All the images will be displayed with dynamic panning and zooming.

You could also share your images with all your friends and families through the internet. If you want to use the Shutterfly Studio 1.7 online sharing feature, you have to register in Shutterfly website.

Some benefits on using Shutterfly Studio

  1. Enjoy the free online photo storage.
  2. Share your picture with others through free online photo sharing.
  3. Well, the software it totally free.
  4. Each pictures you order from Shutterfly can be personalized for free with a short message on the reverse side.

More info:
License: Freeware


  1. I downloaded a huge number of photos from Aol to Shutterfly Studios many of which were from my email and unwanted. Now I cannot find specific groups of pics because there is no list of dates taken or album ID’s. Surely there is a list somewhere so that I can get organized and enabled to view my photos when I wish. I have tried everything I know to find a way. Please, please help and know that your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Alta White

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