BluePrint: CSS Framework

Olav Bjorkoy has recently released Blueprint, a CSS framework which he claimed will cut down CSS development time. "CSS framework?", you said. Yes, now not only  PHP or Javascript who has a framework, its time for CSS to also have a framework.

Olav said that Blueprint will also give a solid CSS foundation to build project with easy to use grid, sensible typho and stylesheet for printing.

Creating a Simple CSS-Based Web Form

Still use the same old looking web form on your website? Common man, this the web 2.0 era, its time to make some changes to your old web form and make it a CSS-based form. I made this quick guide to made CSS based web form several hours ago, hope it could help you figure how create a web form using CSS.

This is the structure of our web form in this tutorial. Not to fancy, but still a web 2.0 look and feel.