Add Facebook Connect to Your Site

Facebook Connect

Facebook recently launched a new feature called Facebook Connect, it enables Facebook users to share their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any websites they wanted. According to Facebook, this features will enable any websites to implement and offer more features of Facebook Platform. Adding Facebook Connect to your or site is a bit tricky, […] Preparing It’s Final Redesign Iteration New Design, the community plumbing site for all Drupal users around the globe is preparing the final iteration for redesign (iteration 11). The team are now in the process of recruiting theme developers to help theme create a base theme and site’s specific theme for Besides preparing for redesign, also in the process […]

Drupal 5.8 and Drupal 6.3 Released

Today, I got a Drupal Security Announcement email from the Drupal team. In the email, the team  stated that they found multiple vulnerabitilies and weaknesses in Drupal. But neither of these vulnerabilities are readily exploitable.

Some of the vulnerabilities found includes XSS, Cross Site Request Forgeries, Session Fixation and SQL Injection.

Drupal 6.0 Finally Released

After a year of development, the Drupal core team finally released Drupal 6.0 stable version. This released marks a new beginning for Drupal and its communities. Drupal is known for its performance, scalability and flexibility.

According to Drupal team, Drupal 6 features a lot of improvements in this award winning open source CMS.

Dries Buytaert’s New Baby is Coming

Dries Buytaert -founder of the famous Drupal CMS- is expecting a new baby. This will be his second child after the first one borned six years ago.

I don’t know Dries or his wife Karlijn personally, but one thing I know that Dries had developed an amazing CMS that have helped thousands of people out there.

I just want to congrats Dries and his wife Karlijn for the baby, hopefully in the future their baby will be a great person just like his/her mom and dad.