Using Multiple Theme in Drupal

Unlike Joomla, if we want to use different theme for Drupal we have to install additional module to do it. The name of the module we’re talking about is Taxonomy Theme, it enable us to use different Drupal theme based on vocabulary, taxonomy term, node type or even based on Drupal URL path.

First of all, you should download the Taxonomy Theme module from here, extract the module to sites/all/modules (I’m assuming that you use Drupal 5 or higher). Login as administrator and activate the modules from Administer -> Site Building -> Modules.

To use more than one theme on one Drupal site, go to Administer -> Site Configuration -> Taxonomy Theme. First, you have to enable “Enable Taxonomy-based templates” after activating it you’ll see more option in the current page.

Drupal Taxonomy Theme

Taxonomy Theme Module

  • Allow all themes
    Offers all installed themes for selection, not enabled ones only.
  • Enable ‘Extended’ (path-based) assignment of themes
    Enable you to assign themes to paths (e.g. node/21) and path aliases.
  • Enable ‘Themes for Views’
    Allow you to theme pages created by views.module. You need to have ‘Extended’ option enabled to use this option. It will show a ‘Theme’ option in the ‘Page’ section of edit view pages.
  • Show theme option in create/edit node forms
    Assign themes directly from create/edit node forms. You need to have ‘Extended’ option enabled to use this option. It will show a ‘Theme’ section on create/edit node pages.
  • Show theme option on term/vocab/content-types pages
    Assign themes directly from term/vocab-pages in ‘categories’ and/or content-type settings.

Activate all the option you wish, and now you can configure which theme appears on which vocabulary, term, node type or URL from the Taxonomy or Extended Path tabs.

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