WordPress 2.7 RC1 Released!

WordPress development team today announced that WordPress 2.7 RC1 has been released for public. The community has been waiting for this version and finally the development team is so close in releasing the stable version.

As some of us might know, WordPress 2.7 features a whole new set of new back-end GUI, on 2.7 the backend will have 3 columns unlike WordPress 2.5 and 2.6 which only has 1 to 2 columns which leaves a lot of space if we’re using a  high resolution monitor.

I would personally congrats the development team for their hard work in making WordPress 2.7 closer to its stable release.

Want to try WordPress 2.7 RC1? Download it now, don’t forget to BACKUP your blog!

More info about WordPress 2.7


  1. There still some bug.. go to Comments page, if you don’t hover on each comment the “Unapprove | Spam | Delete | Edit | Quick Edit | Reply” won’t show up.. but I guess it’s not a big deal probably by the way geat post!

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